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   I'm Chef Amber, owner of The Sweet Botanist, Plant based eats & sweets. Thanks for stopping by! Offerings include, a variety of plant-based services including specialty bakery, personal chef, catering, pop-ups, ticketed dinners, classes & more. Follow us to stay up to date! 

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The Sweet Botanist Story

   Sharing compassionate food is pure joy for me. My friends lovingly refer to me as "Aunt B.", the cheerful sweet lady waving food in your face, telling you should eat this because it's not only good for your body but for your soul. I love nothing more than to see someone's face light up when they enjoy a nostalgic dish they haven't tasted in years.


   Visits to my grandmother's garden were the highlights of my summers. Enjoying fresh vegetables right off the vine from her garden. You never forget the small things, savoring every bite of a hand-picked vegetable or a home cooked meal with those that bring you laughter and love. Not only is taste important but so is aesthetic. As humans, "we eat with our eyes." Growing up, my mother would lovingly arrange my snacks into adorable displays, nurturing my love beautiful food. Being from Pennsylvania, our food traditions are heavily rooted in fresh farm food and Dutch style comfort food, abundant vegetables, dumplings, potatoes, pastas, meats, gravies and of course pies. That influence combined with the mixing pot of American cuisine and my Native American and Chamorro heritage has taught me so much about balancing flavors and styles.


    People often ask, how I learned to create such magical food made from plants. I jokingly reply, I'm a "Cooking Medium," that my ancestors whisper secret recipes in my ear ;). Cooking and sharing food are my expression of creativity and love, a form of meditation, a flow, a vibe unlike anything else. 


    Eating plant based isn't a sad piece of lettuce but a plate full of vibrant flavors. Though most importantly, you can choose compassion, sustainability and health without missing out on your favorite comfort foods. Many "omni's" who have tasted my food have exclaimed, "Wow, I've never had good vegan food before." In fact, 40% of my customers are not fully vegan, they just want to eat more plants! Whatever pace you choose, each bite is a chance to make an impact and I'm delighted to help make that a delicious experience. 

   The Sweet Botanist is plant-based magic driven by a powerful mission: to redefine vegan cuisine and change the way the world thinks about food. Our botanically inspired ghost kitchen is a hub of innovation, where we blend flavors, sustainability, and culinary artistry to create delicious, planet-friendly meals.

We believe that what we eat matters—for our health, for the planet, for the animals and for the future. That's why we're on a mission to make plant-based eating exciting, accessible, and irresistible. Every dish we prepare isn't just a meal; it's a statement—a statement that eating well can be both delicious and ethical. Beyond food, we're passionate about inspiring change. By championing sustainability, supporting local producers, and promoting a plant-powered lifestyle, we aim to spark a movement towards mindful eating that impacts not just our plates, but the world at large. 


   Crafting vegan food that stirs nostalgia is a delightful challenge we embrace at The Sweet Botanist. Our culinary style revolves around reimagining and elevating classic comfort foods into plant-based wonders that trigger familiar, heartwarming, joyful sensations. Each dish we create embodies the essence of beloved flavors and textures, showcasing that vegan fare isn't about limitations but about reinventing traditions for the future. By infusing nostalgia and a lot of love into our plant-based offerings, we invite everyone to rediscover the joy of familiar tastes in a new, compassionate culinary journey, proving that vegan food isn't just about what's missing—it's about embracing the delightful familiarity that bridges the past to a sustainable future.

     With Love & Plants,

                Chef Amber / The Sweet Botanist

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