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Hi, I'm Amber!

  I started The Sweet Botanist in the midst of the pandemic. The pandemic brought much of the world, including the hospitality industry to a grinding halt. Prior to the pandemic, I had worked as a catering director and recipe consultant with a heavy focus in botanical mixology and pallet training. Being plant based for a few years and enjoying cooking, I spent much of my time off and crafting delicious plant based eats and sweets for my family and friends. At heart, I've always been a foodie, enjoying every little detail from texture & flavor combinations to plating aesthetics. Reading a good menu description, almost poetic. After sharing my plant food with friends, family and local farm sanctuary volunteers, I began to get more and more requests. Word of mouth spread quickly, and my local community has been amazingly supportive, which means the world to me. My local community gave me the confidence to continue this journey.

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