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   I'm Amber, owner of The Sweet Botanist, Plant based eats & sweets. Thanks for stopping by! Offerings include, a variety of plant-based services including, gourmet meal prep and bakery, personal chef, catering & sommelier services, pop up events, ticketed dinners, classes & more. Follow us to stay up to date! 

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My Story

   Sharing compassionate food is pure joy for me. My friends lovingly refer to me as "Aunt B." The happy little old lady whose waving mouthwatering food in your face, telling you should eat this because it's not only good for your body but for your soul. I love nothing more than to see someone's face light up when they enjoy a nostalgic dish they haven't tasted in years. Visits to my grandmother's garden were the highlights of my summers. Enjoying fresh vegetables right off the vine from her garden. You never forget the small things, savoring every bite of a hand-picked vegetable or a home cooked meal with those that bring you laughter and love. Not only is taste important but so is aesthetic. As humans, "we eat with our eyes." Growing up, my mother would lovingly arrange my snacks into adorable displays, nurturing my love nature and beautiful food. Being from Pennsylvania, our food traditions are heavily rooted in fresh farm food and Dutch style comfort food, abundant vegetables, dumplings, potatoes, pastas, meats, gravies and of course pies. That influence combined with the mixing pot of American cuisine and my Chamorro heritage has taught me so much about balancing flavors and styles. People often ask, how I learned to create such magical food made from plants. I jokingly reply, I'm a "Cooking Medium," that my ancestors whisper secret recipes in my ear ;). Cooking and sharing food are my expression of creativity and love, a form of meditation, a flow, a vibe unlike anything else. 

    I started The Sweet Botanist, Plant based eats & sweets, officially in the midst of the pandemic. The pandemic brought much of the world, including the hospitality industry to a grinding halt. Prior to the pandemic, I had worked as a catering director and recipe consultant, with a heavy focus in botanical mixology. I've been immersed in every faucet restaurant culture since my first job at age fifteen. Restaurant life has always felt like home. At the start of the pandemic, I had been plant based for a few years and spent much of my time off gardening and crafting delicious plant-based eats and sweets for family and friends. At heart, I've always been a foodie, enjoying every little detail from texture & flavor combinations to plating aesthetics. Reading a good menu description, almost poetic. After sharing my style of food with friends, family and fundraisers for farm sanctuaries, I began to get more and more interest. Word of mouth spread quickly. My local community has been more supportive than I ever could have imagined, which means the world to me! Fundraising for local sanctuaries and vegan outreach groups are my favorite ways to give back <3.

    My mission is to show the world, eating plant based isn't a sad piece of lettuce but a plate full of vibrant flavors. Though most importantly, you can choose compassion, sustainability and health without missing out on your favorite comfort foods. Many omni's who have tasted my food have exclaimed, "Wow, I've never had good vegan food before." In fact, 40% of my customers are not fully vegan, they just want to eat more plants! Whatever pace you choose, each bite is a chance to make an impact and I'm delighted to help make that a delicious experience. 

     With Love,

                The Sweet Botanist

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