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Five Tips for Making Vegan Meals More Flavorful and Exciting! 🥕

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

 If you find yourself getting bored with the same old recipes, maybe your meals are starting to feel a little bland, or you're struggling to come up with new ideas that are both nourishing and satisfying. There are plenty of ways to add more flavor and excitement to your plant-based meals 😍. Many of my favorite recipes have fome from experimenting with textures, herbs, spices and learning new cooking techniques. Balancing flavors are key.

Here are some tips to get you started:

  1. Experiment with new spices and herbs. Don't be afraid to try new flavor combinations. Some great options include basil, mint, garlic, turmeric, cumin, smoked paprika, fennel seed, coriander, and ginger.

  2. Use acid to brighten up your dishes. A squeeze of lemon or lime can add a refreshing tang to a savory dish. Vinegar, pickles, and fermented foods can also add a sour note that can balance out richer flavors.

  3. Get creative with The Sweet Botanist's sauces and dressings from scratch made creamy Alfredo & bolognese sauce to delicious vinaigrettes!  Let us add a delicious creamy element to your meals. Salsas, chutneys, and other condiments can also add bold flavors.

  4. Incorporate different textures. Think beyond just soft and mushy plant-based foods. Crispy roasted vegetables, crunchy nuts and seeds, chewy mushrooms, and hearty grains can all add different textures to your meals.

  5. Try new cooking techniques. Grilling, roasting, air frying and smoking can all bring out different flavors in your plant-based foods. You can also try marinating or pickling your vegetables for added depth. 

Follow us for more plant based foodie tips! Be sure to Tag @TheSweetBotanist and @PlantFoodieConsulting with your vegan creations for a chance to be featured on our social media and win a $25 gift card 💚.

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