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Each creation is a work of art, a symphony of nature's finest ingredients carefully crafted into delectable masterpieces. From the zesty allure of our Lavender Lemon Drop to the romantic notes of our Love Potion, and the whimsical charm of The Wildflower, every bite is a journey through the bountiful gardens of taste. Whether you're drawn to the vibrant allure of our Hibiscus Red Velvet or the hidden treasures of our Secret Garden, these confections are designed to evoke the essence of the natural world, one delectable sensation at a time. Discover the beauty of botanical-inspired desserts at The Sweet Botanist. Made with love & plants (vegan).



Lavender Lemon Drop

Airy lemon cake, lavender mascarpone frosting, candied lemon zest, dehydrated lavender confetti


Love Potion

Moist rose cake, raspberry jam, cardamom cream cheese frosting, dehydrated rose petals, delicate almond cookie crumble


The Wildflower

Fluffy dandelion honey butter cake, citrus frosting, tangerine zest, dehydrated wildflower confetti


Hibiscus Red Velvet

A moist red velvet cake infused with hibiscus, vanilla cream cheese frosting, dehydrated hibiscus petals


Secret Garden

Strawberry elderflower cake, marshmallow root buttercream, edible dehydrated flowers



**For custom flavors, decor or rush orders please contact us directly (717-600-4655).

**We cannot accommodate requests left in the comments without prior approval.

NOTICE: Please be advised that all custom cake orders, encompassing any cake differing from our standard offerings on the website, necessitate a 3-week pre-order period. Due to the meticulous nature of our baking process, which involves crafting all ingredients from scratch—from our frostings to our natural food dyes derived from vegetables, fruits, and flowers—we are unable to fulfill custom requests on short notice. Thank you for your understanding.

***Layer cakes CANNOT BE SHIPPED!

***CAKES & CUPCAKES ARE UNAVAILABLE FOR MAJOR HOLIDAYS. Please see the holiday menu for bakery available options.

PLEASE NOTE: Cake designs may not be identical to the photos. Each cake is a unique work of art, and the images provided are for marketing purposes only. Cakes do not come with fresh flowers. We ask that you read the cake descriptions thoroughly.

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