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   Krystal, owner of Snacks & Sweets Studio, embarked on a delicious adventure to start her own plant-based business. Seeking guidance and inspiration, Krystal reached out to Amber, owner of The Sweet Botanist, for some insider tips.


  Amber, known for her delicious plant-based food, mouthwatering cakes and epic event planning skills, gladly stepped in to mentor Krystal. As they worked together, their bond grew stronger, and they quickly became’ best foodie friends.’ With Amber's famous cakes and Krystal's delicious desserts, they've teamed up to whip up some seriously magical treats and events. 


  Think locally sourced, ethical, and free from preservatives and synthetic ingredients you can't even pronounce. Plus, they're rocking plant-based, gluten-free, and low-sugar options. Amber and Krystal have become the dynamic duo of dessert, your plant-powered fairy godmother’s, whipping up dreamy desserts from their pre-order kitchen in the clouds (virtual pre-order kitchen).  We offer convenient delivery, pick up & shipping options.  Dive in and make the world a sweeter place, one bite at a time. Who's with us?!

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