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Sweets & Snacks Studio 

Featuring plant based (vegan) & gluten free options!


Pre-Order Details: 

**CLOSED JULY 1st - JULY 8th**

Pre-order by Friday at 11:59 pm for delivery, pick-up or shipping the following week. *Schedule may change for holidays or inclement weather.

📅 Pick-Up Schedule:

  • HOLIDAY PICK UP:  N/A - We will feature limited release holiday menus for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Years!

  • FRIDAY Self Pick-Up /  4-7PM / Dallastown, PA

The Sweet Botanist + Sweets & Snacks Studio pick up!

  • SATURDAY Self Pick-Up" /  1-7pm The Sweet Botanist + Sweets & Snacks Studio pick up!

  • *To Ensure Optimal Freshness and Quality: We highly recommend bringing a large cooler (minimum dimensions: 12x12 inches) equipped with ice packs for the pick-up of your order. This precaution is especially crucial for our cakes, cupcakes, and chocolate-based desserts to prevent melting and maintain their exquisite taste and presentation.

*Please be aware that The Sweet Botanist / Sweets and Snacks Studio cannot assume responsibility for the condition of orders once they have been picked up. 

📦Statewide Shipping (PA): UPS Shipping on Friday!

  • *Pre-order by Friday at 11:59pm to receive your order the following weekend. 

  • *Please Note: Layer cakes and other delicate items may not be available for shipping. Please check the product description for details.

  • ***We take pride in ensuring the safe delivery of your package. However, once a package has been delivered, we are unable to assume liability for lost, stolen, or damaged items. In the unlikely event of an issue, we recommend contacting UPS directly for assistance.

** Holiday menus are limited drops. Early ordering is highly recommended.



Sweets & Snacks Studio

Pre-Order Cloud Bakery

**Available for pick up on Friday & Saturday only!


Welcome to Sweets & Snacks Studio, where we believe in making every bite a little adventure! Our bite-sized wonders are like tiny bursts of happiness that'll put a smile on your face with every taste. Picture cake pops that are as cute as they are delicious, chocolate-dipped snack cakes that know how to party, and cake-sicles that bring a whole new level of fun to dessert time. Our truffles are like little balls of joy, and our chocolate-covered strawberries? Delicious perfection! With cookies that are full of mischief, popcorn that pops with exciting flavors  and cotton candy that's as fluffy as a cloud, there's never a dull moment at Sweets & Snacks Studio. So, come on over and join the sweetest party in town!

To enjoy the following week!

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