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*Pre order by Friday at 9pm for delivery (Wednesdays) local pick up (Thursdays), shipping (arrives Saturday through Monday) the following week. Rush orders, catering and wedding cakes please contact us directly. **For holidays advanced ordering is HIGHLY recommended. Holiday delivery, pick up & shipping dates may vary! We operate as a ghost kitchen out of a shared commercial kitchen. ***If you have food allergies, for your safety, please contact us PRIOR to placing an order!


As we welcome you to The Sweet Botanist, we want to share with you the essence of our pre-order bakery. It's more than just a place to indulge in delicious plant based treats; it's a sanctuary of flavors infused with love, compassion, and creativity. In every batch of donuts we bake, each cake we frost, and every pastry we lovingly craft, there's a piece of our heart. Our commitment to plant based excellence is fueled by the belief that kindness and compassion should extend not only to our planet but to every indulgent moment you share with us. We see our bakery as a canvas, and each treat as a work of art. It's in the swirls of frosting, the sprinkles of chocolate, and the layers of flavor where we express our dedication to creating magic in every bite. Whether you're celebrating life's milestones with our signature cakes, finding comfort in our morning pastries, or savoring the seasonal delights that grace our menu, know that each item is a gesture of gratitude and love. 

*Made with love & plants (100% vegan), with gluten free & keto options.

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